We Are

Shared art, philosophy, and Cannabis Passions, along with Heartfelt Eco-Vibes are what drives this Group of Florida Space Coast Natives. The Galactic Gram Crew envisions a community of collectors inspired by creativity and positive energy to fuel adventures to galaxies unknown. Galactic Grams brings a unique quality to their collection with the combination of Canvas Art & Storytelling in the NFT Marketplace.

The Galactic Grams Crew is at the beginning of our journey. Your Co-Founders are here for the long haul and plan to bring more & more value to this collection as we develop and grow our long term vision of what is to come for this collection. Thank you to all of our followers & supporters! Super psyched to be taking this journey with you.

You can find the Galactic Grams NFTs on the Wax Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace @ My Inventory – AtomicHub. Head over to the website as well @ https://galacticgrams.com Discord is the best and fastest way to reach out to the crew and its growing community @ https://discord.gg/jZvdaGPg9P

Galactic Grams is a collaboration of Vibe Farmer / Lampin Media LLC

Find out more about Corey Michael Scott @ Artist | CoreyMichaelScott

Galactic Grams Crew/Founders

Multimedia Design & Co Founder : Index

CEO & Co Founder : Scott Geiser aka Captain Stickee

Artist & Co Founder : Corey Scott aka Dr. Kullers

Writer, Artistic Direction, Genetics Enthusiast, & Co Founder : Pre’sher T