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Trinity Flower Vibes

The Trinity Flower strain gets its genetics from a legendary mostly sativa strain and from three lineages which are each 100 % Sativa. Trinity Flower, regarded as a Connoisseur’s Classic Sativa, her look, her taste, her Stone, all old school. She finishes earlier than a typical 100% Sativa with more swoll to her clusters. Great Sativa …

Moon Venom Vibes

The Moon Venom Origin Story begins in a far-removed piece of space that is chock full of old school wild biodiversity. This was back in a time when freewheeling Galactic travelers journeyed to vast spaces that were full of vibrant and graphic landscapes & seascapes. The jungles, the savannahs, the cave systems, the rivers, the mountains, …

Ghani Gold Vibes

Some of the first specimens of Ghani Gold appeared In New Megalopolis on the heels of “The Late Great Sativa Dispersal”. Seeds from deep within the war-torn Asteriodial Complex named “The Ghani Sands,” were brought to New Megalopolis by soldiers and cosmic drifters. The growth characteristics, morphology, and chemical profiles of these Hard hitting Indica genetics …

We Are

Shared art, philosophy, and Cannabis Passions, along with Heartfelt Eco-Vibes are what drives this Group of Florida Space Coast Natives. The Galactic Gram Crew envisions a community of collectors inspired by creativity and positive energy to fuel adventures to galaxies unknown. Galactic Grams brings a unique quality to their collection with the combination of Canvas Art & Storytelling in the NFT Marketplace.

The Galactic Grams Crew is at the beginning of our journey. Your Co-Founders are here for the long haul and plan to bring more & more value to this collection as we develop and grow our long term vision of what is to come for this collection. Thank you to all of our followers & supporters! Super psyched to be taking this journey with you.

You can find the Galactic Grams NFTs on the Wax Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace @ My Inventory – AtomicHub. Head over to the website as well @ Discord is the best and fastest way to reach out to the crew and its growing community @

Galactic Grams is a collaboration of Vibe Farmer / Lampin Media LLC

Find out more about Corey Michael Scott @ Artist | CoreyMichaelScott

Galactic Grams Crew/Founders

Multimedia Design & Co Founder : Index

CEO & Co Founder : Scott Geiser aka Captain Stickee

Artist & Co Founder : Corey Scott aka Dr. Kullers

Writer, Artistic Direction, Genetics Enthusiast, & Co Founder : Pre’sher T


Dr Kullers Log

We have arrived at the Old Solar System on our way to the old Earth. I would have started this log sooner, but we have all just awoke from cryogenic sleep. We have been traveling for approximately 3 months to get here. Personally, this will be my first time visiting the ancient home system.

Professor Présher is pacing like a classic madman. (it’s French or something, I assume. This is our first mission together and I have yet to get to know the genius further). We all studied him at the New Mars Mutiversity for Agricultural Genetics and Moleclular Advancement, but only his accomplishments, we never learned much of his personal life. 

My first impression is as follows: A vending machine of genetic cultivating knowledge that a shady lawyer paid an absurdly amount of multiverse monies to obtain. Regardless, I am excited to soak up the plethora of nuggets, pun intended, that the professor has to offer. 

The Crew currently consists of our pilot Captain Stickee, Monet, and myself. I will update when I settle in my office. I am excited as we are aboard a brand new ID-Sparrow 2200, which comes with a fully equipped agricultural documentation AI.


To Be Continued…