Trinity Flower Vibes

The Trinity Flower strain gets its genetics from a legendary mostly sativa strain and from three lineages which are each 100 % Sativa. Trinity Flower, regarded as a Connoisseur’s Classic Sativa, her look, her taste, her Stone, all old school. She finishes earlier than a typical 100% Sativa with more swoll to her clusters. Great Sativa gene stock for Collectors, Great for dice-roll breeding against Pure Ghani types and Modern Commercial Strains.

Cerebral Sativa crossed with another pure Sativa called Starzone. This cross was bred against a cross of Rika (100% Sativa) by Lectrix (88% Sativa / 2% Indighan) So that’s Three Pure Sativas (Cerebral/Starzone/Rika) and one “Mostly” Sativa. (Lectrix) 

   Starzone is from a Tropical climate where multiple suns generate heat and perpetually equal light/dark cycles. Starzone was gatewayed into the Counterculture Grow Scene by Federation Steeze, a legend from The Sound. This stash of seeds was long distance travelled from Steeze to The Garden Sector.

Rika was the pride of a coastal village in Marra. Gifted by a travelling Surfer/Plant Enthusiast named Sondermon. Sondermon brought the seed stock back to the archipelago in The Garden Sector.

Lectrix, gifted by locals to yet another Surfer/Plant Enthusiast, his name was Dr Nullspin. Nullspin was about hurling himself over Slabby Reef break waves, he was also profoundly curious and driven to learn the truth about the Legendary strain “Lectrix,” So he interned at the Volcano Garden on Danger Island, home of the fabled strain. After many years, new friendships, and trips to The MegaValley (thru the forbidden Grid), Nullspin returned to his Home System in The Tylezbale archipelago and gifted his peoples with the Lectrix genetics.

3N1was Stabilized in The Garden Sector by Rane & Duetron (both from the Archipelago)  

Trinity Flower, so much Diverse Sativa genetics layered in with a pinch of Indighan, The Trinity Flower Stone ramps up slowly, lasts a long time, and pulses creative up vibes without The Wah Wah’s. When Trinity Flowers’ Higher FX are invoked, People are said to be “Rooted in Sincerity”. These FX can be Maximal or Mellow depending on each persons’ Soul Disposition. Growing Your own crop of 3N1 and turning your friends on to it is one righteous experience.

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : RineyGrapefruit, EarthyFloral, ThatOneSmell

Effects : Rooted in Sincerity

Sativa : 98%

Indica : 2%

Boosts :

CBG 1%

THC 17%


An Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer, & Dot Connector form a Galactic Alliance and Enter the NFT marketplace with Variant Strains from Old Earth and Galaxies to explore. Join us on this journey together and tune in for future announcements. We might be new on the scene but the scene will appreciate the Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer & Dot Connector. Stay tuned for a founders story.

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