Shuttle Bud

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Floral, Musk

Effects : Temporary Wormhole

Sativa : 50%

Hybrid : 50%

Boosts :

CBD 11.1%

THC 22.2%

Smuggled in on an intergalactic cargo ship.  A Motley Squad of Outworld Guerrilla Growers were hired by Dark Arts Lawyer Types to work a large-scale outdoor grow operation hidden amongst the farm worlds of the Arc System.  Crew was paid in product, some of which had been lightly seeded. This massive crop was distributed across the Galaxy and some of it ended up in the capable hands of yet another crew of guerrilla growers dwelling within the Subtropical environs of The Tylezbale archipelago.  Successive generations of seedlings were selectively bred, fine-tuned, and stabilized by the Tylezbale Crew.  The name Shuttle bud was a hat-tip to the nearby FTL Launch facilities and its fleet of Deep Space Rocket ships.

Notes – The arrival of ShuttleBud marked the advent of the first confirmed M Class wormholes to be opened and safely contained, within the Greater Florianz Cluster. The Ghani Gold component of Shuttle Bud expressed its distinct characteristics about equally as compared with its other parent strain, the Super Cerebral Sativa. These new Ghani Gold flavors of Deep Hash Goodness puzzle pieced quite well with the Classic Floral components derived from the Old School Sativa genetics of the SCS. (Super Cerebral Sativa). This Style of 50/50 breeding is textbook “HYBRID MAGIC” (aka-Tech embellished Hybrid Vigor). This Line of Breeding is comparable to the Legendary S.A.G.E. strain of Old Earth.

Ghani Gold

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Earthy, Pine

Effects : Slow Time

Indica : 100%

Boosts :

CBD 8%

THC 18%

Some of the first specimens of Ghani Gold appeared In New Megalopolis on the heels of “The Late Great Sativa Dispersal”. Seeds from deep within the war-torn Asteriodial Complex named “The Ghani Sands,” were brought to New Megalopolis by soldiers and cosmic drifters. The growth characteristics, morphology, and chemical profiles of these Hard hitting Indica genetics Kicked off a wave of Breeding whose impacts now echo throughout the Galactic Gene Pool. A great many modern Strains can be traced back to this line of Genetics.

Notes- Classic Ghani genetics express as compact, crystal laden floral clusters. Olfactory notes include “Danky, Diesel, SKUNKY, Hashy, and Chocolatey”. Ghani Golds’ Photoperiod Flowering Response specs led to higher yields and potency, along with an increased number of potential crop cycles per growing seasons.  The lower profile of these Squatty Genetics aided in evading aerial detection and were also easier to camouflage in remote clandestine Outworld Gardens. (Amongst native vegetation) 
 One Primary weaknesses associated with Ghani Gold genetics is its inability to handle high humidity during flowering stages. (Mold resistance is improved by mindful breeding between The Ghani types and the Old School Sativas, which have a comparatively higher mold resistance than the Ghani Types.)

Cerebral Sativa

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : SweetBananaBread, DilutedPepperGrape, LiteCeleryGarlic

Effects : Fully Bending Time / Rapid Spirit Growth

Sativa :  100%

Boosts :

CBD : .01%

THC : 18%

Cerebral Sativa is a Pure Sativa Strain. She is one of the Original 7 strains from Old Earth. Her Story begins Long ago, on the heels of an era that yielded great and terrible wars. Many of the disenfranchised youth had turned their attentions to the life-giving Practice of Cannabis Breeding. The myriad of Sativa Genetics they had collected while battling in the lush and ferocious “Jungle Systems “would eventually end up on both sides of “The Deeps.” On the western flank of “The Deeps” it was a legend named “New Town” who created a syck amalgam of her most Epic Sativa Genetics. New Town assigned this creation the name M-444.

The Eastern flank has a legendary grower known as “Rane.”  Rane had created a different, yet equally rad combo of pure sativa genetics. When the underground network code named “G-Stone” announced the availability of New Towns’ All Star Sativa breed, Rane and his crew immediately acquired seeds.

During the following decade, this merging of genetics, selectively bred and refined within the Tylezbale archipelago and throughout the “Greater Garden Sector.” Seeds and clones of this pure sativa strain are continuously updated, perpetuated, and stored by Ranes dedicated outfit. This stealthy group of Cannabis enthusiasts is locally known as the “TPG.”

Note-Cerebral Sativa is a rare throwback line of genetics. This link to the past is a deep component which is present in most modern strains. This strain is sought after by next level Cannabis breeders and collectors. The distinct growth characteristics of Cerebral Sativa need to be carefully managed by expert breeders to be properly utilized. Careless breeding may result in a corrupted harvest. Proper use of the CS is said to have “Spirit tethered” effects which propel its’ user into a “Ramping Transcendence.”  The Time bending effects of Cerebral Sativa, coupled with its’ “Transcendent” effects may result in dangerous outcomes, including the release of destructive anomalous Hyper-Focused Gravity Waves. The wonderous Undersea Gardens of Lada are direct descendants of CS, this is since these genetics perform so well in wetter climates.

Moon Venom

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Pepperycitrus, Earthypinemint, DankyRaki

Effects : Increases Mental Capacity, Faster Processing Power, Group Think

Sativa : 94%

Indica : 6%

Boosts :

CBD .5%

THC 24%

The Moon Venom Origin Story begins in a far-removed piece of space that is chock full of old school wild biodiversity. This was back in a time when freewheeling Galactic travelers journeyed to vast spaces that were full of vibrant and graphic landscapes & seascapes. The jungles, the savannahs, the cave systems, the rivers, the mountains, the deserts, the seas…they were all full of hungry creatures and thriving eco-niches.

      So, back in the day…and despite the lively sea state, a band of nomadic travelers did manage to catch some fun surf near the New Pier they helped the locals patch up. To return the blessings, the locals guided this small group of foreigners to a Sacred gully that was brimming with an unusual and yet, undocumented strain of Cannabis Galacticus. The group discerned that this line of genetics had, until very recently under-went eons of open pollination and natural breeding. They were gifted a half karaf of viable seeds and would later learn of the strains unusual FX and of its Bizarre Symbiotic survival adaptations.

Moon Venom has a distinct lanky water shedding Sativa look when the days are long. As the season wanes, she begins to thicken and to grow horizontally. Moon Venoms’ up-sides read like this…. mold/mildew resistance is off the charts, significant vertical growth occurs (even during bloom), can tolerate mild frosts and freezes, repels an extensive list of pests, is not finicky about PH values and nutrient concentrations or salinity levels, ……and she is easy to clone.  Oh!! In case You’re leery of Pure Sativa genetics…. this strain is Not prone to hermaphroditism. Moon Venom genetics can be adjusted for longer or shorter bloom cycles indoors or outdoors. 

Why is this strain an “All Arounder” that works in a variety of conditions? The Moon Venom is an algal Symbiont. Science still struggles to comprehend this Mystical and Complex life form. We do know that the light from nearby moons or asteroid belts have a relational dynamic to the strains’ potency potentials, and to the Strains higher FX.

   The Higher FX-Handle with care. Moon Venoms’ higher FX are a medium duration burst (3 days-1 week) of increased Mental Storage and Processing Power. The most powerful application of these FX is the “Group-Think”. These are Ceremonial benders wherein everybody clears their schedule, and they all commit to a few days of hyper learning, creative thinking, problem solving, riffing, and lighthearted intensity. The Moon Venoms Higher FX will read null if there are any bad vibes or lost intentions. In other words, Supercharging Your Soul good with Moon Venom is always a good thing. Harness the power of Moon Venom with habitual intention…the Catalyst.


Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Chlorophyll, Pineopaque, Earthonedilute

Effects : Heal by Touch

Sub Species : Ruderalis

Boosts :

CBD 3%

THC 3%

The Reactor strain has adapted to the coldest, most high latitude, most barren, and most dimly lit regions within the Multiverses. Off on its own for so long, this line of genetics has evoked unusual survival mechanisms(phazing). Always used by Indigenous inhabitants as medicine. There are records of early times botanists (DEJA) from Kiefan who took note of Reactor strain seedlings thriving in short summer rubble farms. Fast forward to modern times when the Original 7 Earth strains’ genetics had been reintroduced to each other through the multiverses. Growers are now selectively breeding traditional Cannabis lineages with the Reactor strain. 

 The introduction of these new Cannabis Reacticus Hybrids to the Galactic gene pool has lifted the strain out of the novelty zone and has shuffled the evolutionary deck. (So, to speak).

     Yes, there are innovative (commercially viable) grow techniques and “fixed” Reactor genetics which are functional and stable, however, there is also an ever-growing chaotic spew of errant breeding that continues to pollute regional gene pools. Good notes and careful labeling of females and pollen doners is necessary.

Speaking to the do-able Reactor applications… as with all Cannabis strains…the old saying still rings true…”It’s about engaging the right genetics, and the right grow technique…at the right time”. The consequences of non-mindful Reactor breeding may negatively and severely effect desired results. (Production values)

     Reactor is not loud, her Stone values are down, and chill values are up. The higher FX of Reactor manifest as Healing by Touch. Because the admix of Reactor genes is still recent and not completely figured out…the “Heal by Touch” effects are variable and exist on a scale. We are all still learning. We are thankful for the preservation of this evolutionary offshoot. 

Trinity Flower

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : RineyGrapefruit, EarthyFloral, ThatOneSmell

Effects : Rooted in Sincerity

Sativa : 98%

Indica : 2%

Boosts :

CBG 1%

THC 17%

The Trinity Flower strain gets its genetics from a legendary mostly sativa strain and from three lineages which are each 100 % Sativa. Trinity Flower, regarded as a Connoisseur’s Classic Sativa, her look, her taste, her Stone, all old school. She finishes earlier than a typical 100% Sativa with more swoll to her clusters. Great Sativa gene stock for Collectors, Great for dice-roll breeding against Pure Ghani types and Modern Commercial Strains.

Cerebral Sativa crossed with another pure Sativa called Starzone. This cross was bred against a cross of Rika (100% Sativa) by Lectrix (88% Sativa / 2% Indighan) So that’s Three Pure Sativas (Cerebral/Starzone/Rika) and one “Mostly” Sativa. (Lectrix) 

   Starzone is from a Tropical climate where multiple suns generate heat and perpetually equal light/dark cycles. Starzone was gatewayed into the Counterculture Grow Scene by Federation Steeze, a legend from The Sound. This stash of seeds was long distance travelled from Steeze to The Garden Sector.

Rika was the pride of a coastal village in Marra. Gifted by a travelling Surfer/Plant Enthusiast named Sondermon. Sondermon brought the seed stock back to the archipelago in The Garden Sector.

Lectrix, gifted by locals to yet another Surfer/Plant Enthusiast, his name was Dr Nullspin. Nullspin was about hurling himself over Slabby Reef break waves, he was also profoundly curious and driven to learn the truth about the Legendary strain “Lectrix,” So he interned at the Volcano Garden on Danger Island, home of the fabled strain. After many years, new friendships, and trips to The MegaValley (thru the forbidden Grid), Nullspin returned to his Home System in The Tylezbale archipelago and gifted his peoples with the Lectrix genetics.

3N1was Stabilized in The Garden Sector by Rane & Duetron (both from the Archipelago)  

Trinity Flower, so much Diverse Sativa genetics layered in with a pinch of Indighan, The Trinity Flower Stone ramps up slowly, lasts a long time, and pulses creative up vibes without The Wah Wah’s. When Trinity Flowers’ Higher FX are invoked, People are said to be “Rooted in Sincerity”. These FX can be Maximal or Mellow depending on each persons’ Soul Disposition. Growing Your own crop of 3N1 and turning your friends on to it is one righteous experience.


Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Nillacaramel, Durbydiesel, OldSchool

Effects : Don’t Give a Damn

Sativa : 85%

Indica : 15%

Boosts :

CBG 1%

THC 22%

Qwaziblue is a new combination of Genetics. Her snowy flowers are unfurled like strokes on a Van Gogh painting, and they reek of danky diesel. The caramel kind smell comes from the Qwazi component, the sweeter earthier scents rise from a complex mix of old and new commercial strains. A new school hybrid with old school sparkle.

Qwaziblue. Briefly, the breeding looks like…Qwazi X (Head x Soopa Cross)  

Qwazi is a combo of epic Crip (had a few seeds in it…scored a pollen doner!!!) and some Fanger Bud. A Fanger Bud female, pollinated by an unknown Crippy Male, were mostly indica hybrids that also had plenty sweet sativa floral tones in the mix.  She performs best in controlled conditions and puts out high yields. She needs optimal finishing weather outdoors and is susceptible to molds. 

     Soopa Cross is a worldly mix of proto Indighan genetics and an equally diverse mix of Old School Sativa genetics. These old genetics came from the times when Plant Enthusiast had been dutifully tuning their Indighan Sativa Hybrids for decades, in search of those Platinum discoveries. This one hit the marks, ticked all the boxes, and got the go ahead…back in the day. Oh yes…these genes made the long journey from Newtown’s’ hood to “The Archipelago in The Garden System….in a person. This set of genetics was in cryo freeze for a long time before awakened and reinstated to the gene pool. 

     Head, named after the Farmer/Brawler/Artist known as NiceGuy hailed from the outskirts of Tylezbale in the Garden Sector. His people & Rane had deep roots. Head was down with The Gate Keepers in the Bolt System, always rocking up with gifts from afar. Folks were stoked when this very modern hybrid with an 80/20 Indy Sat ratio showed up. Head (The Strain) has a distinct look, smell, & taste. The Stone is Legit and is not Dopey. Mold resistance is above average. What else…Strong finisher, solid cosmetics, colored rad by bluey purps, smooth & spicey plus a Kushy camphor & sandalwood flavor.

Head was on its third backcross with Soopa when it was bred against Qwazi. Head X Soopa f3bc that pollinated a lovely Qwazi Girl. What does it all mean? It means that You want to check out this very modern, yet old school cannabis experience named Qwaziblue. Qwaziblue Performs well in a variety of conditions. As far as the effects go…She will put it to you…an energized yet relaxed experience. Her Higher FX vary from person to person.

” It puts you in a Hyper Focus that Vibes Heuristic from a Morally upright and Community Minded Zone…  it’s a beautiful awareness that facilitates an economic yet artful flow state.”

Qwaziblue…the bluey purps tagged her Blue… and she is the wind that blows!!!


Properties :
Origin : Old Earth, Alien World in Deep Space
Aroma : Old School Sativa Floral, Gassy diesel undertones, Lesser presence of Sandalwood & Cherry
Effects : Deep Empathy
Sativa : 20%
Indica : 80%

When the Lada pollination occurred, no one had any idea that the Ghani x NL genes had been altered by an Alien Race of Super Thinkerz.  That’s how the “Alien Intelligence” name (AI) came to represent the Ghani XNL part of the mix. The seeds, clones, grafts, air layers, and tissue culture samples from this gene set…they all showed a remarkable ability to thrive in high salinity and high humidity environs. This effect was further tuned in later generations and ultimately led to full on submarine crops. Yes, you heard it right, these plants are being grown in Alien waters on far away worlds.

The Lada Genetics Breakdown. 

37.5% Qwaziblue 

37.5% enhanced Afghan xNorthernLights (AI)

25% Messianic (Which is 1/2 of the QB genetics)