Lada Seed Release

Greetings Cannafans!!! We here at Galactic Grams, are psyched to announce Our Seed Share program. Each week We will be gifting lucky persons with some Fire Genetics. The first round of Seeds is from a very recent pollination that brings a group of vigorous and diverse genetics together. This Syck new […]

Trinity Flower Vibes

The Trinity Flower strain gets its genetics from a legendary mostly sativa strain and from three lineages which are each 100 % Sativa. Trinity Flower, regarded as a Connoisseur’s Classic Sativa, her look, her taste, her Stone, all old school. She finishes earlier than a typical 100% Sativa with more swoll to […]

Moon Venom Vibes

The Moon Venom Origin Story begins in a far-removed piece of space that is chock full of old school wild biodiversity. This was back in a time when freewheeling Galactic travelers journeyed to vast spaces that were full of vibrant and graphic landscapes & seascapes. The jungles, the savannahs, the cave systems, […]

Ghani Gold Vibes

Some of the first specimens of Ghani Gold appeared In New Megalopolis on the heels of “The Late Great Sativa Dispersal”. Seeds from deep within the war-torn Asteriodial Complex named “The Ghani Sands,” were brought to New Megalopolis by soldiers and cosmic drifters. The growth characteristics, morphology, and chemical profiles of these […]

Qwaziblue Vibes

Qwaziblue is a new combination of Genetics. Her snowy flowers are unfurled like strokes on a Van Gogh painting, and they reek of danky diesel. The caramel kind smell comes from the Qwazi component, the sweeter earthier scents rise from a complex mix of old and new commercial strains. A new […]