Lada Seed Release

Greetings Cannafans!!! We here at Galactic Grams, are psyched to announce Our Seed Share program. Each week We will be gifting lucky persons with some Fire Genetics. The first round of Seeds is from a very recent pollination that brings a group of vigorous and diverse genetics together. This Syck new strain is known as “Lada.” Keep up with Us on Our SM feeds and join the Galactic Grams discord group to become eligible. So, before the year wraps up, we will announce which of these Lucky Lada Seeds will act as keys that will unlock Bigger Galactic Snacks!!! Good Vibes & Big Smiles, Y’all!!! Yewww!!!

Lada, a Wax Blockchain Seed release from Galactic Grams is a drop from us to you! Join us on Discord @

Get your Wax Blockchain Cloud Wallet @ WAX Cloud Wallet

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An Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer, & Dot Connector form a Galactic Alliance and Enter the NFT marketplace with Variant Strains from Old Earth and Galaxies to explore. Join us on this journey together and tune in for future announcements. We might be new on the scene but the scene will appreciate the Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer & Dot Connector. Stay tuned for a founders story.

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