Dr Kullers Log

We have arrived at the Old Solar System on our way to the old Earth. I would have started this log sooner, but we have all just awoke from cryogenic sleep. We have been traveling for approximately 3 months to get here. Personally, this will be my first time visiting the ancient home system.

Professor Présher is pacing like a classic madman. (it’s French or something, I assume. This is our first mission together and I have yet to get to know the genius further). We all studied him at the New Mars Mutiversity for Agricultural Genetics and Moleclular Advancement, but only his accomplishments, we never learned much of his personal life. 

My first impression is as follows: A vending machine of genetic cultivating knowledge that a shady lawyer paid an absurdly amount of multiverse monies to obtain. Regardless, I am excited to soak up the plethora of nuggets, pun intended, that the professor has to offer. 

The Crew currently consists of our pilot Captain Stickee, Monet, and myself. I will update when I settle in my office. I am excited as we are aboard a brand new ID-Sparrow 2200, which comes with a fully equipped agricultural documentation AI.


To Be Continued…