Moon Venom Vibes

The Moon Venom Origin Story begins in a far-removed piece of space that is chock full of old school wild biodiversity. This was back in a time when freewheeling Galactic travelers journeyed to vast spaces that were full of vibrant and graphic landscapes & seascapes. The jungles, the savannahs, the cave systems, the rivers, the mountains, the deserts, the seas…they were all full of hungry creatures and thriving eco-niches.

  So, back in the day…and despite the lively sea state, a band of nomadic travelers did manage to catch some fun surf near the New Pier they helped the locals patch up. To return the blessings, the locals guided this small group of foreigners to a Sacred gully that was brimming with an unusual and yet, undocumented strain of Cannabis Galacticus. The group discerned that this line of genetics had, until very recently under-went eons of open pollination and natural breeding. They were gifted a half karaf of viable seeds and would later learn of the strains unusual FX and of its Bizarre Symbiotic survival adaptations.

Moon Venom has a distinct lanky water shedding Sativa look when the days are long. As the season wanes, she begins to thicken and to grow horizontally. Moon Venoms’ up-sides read like this…. mold/mildew resistance is off the charts, significant vertical growth occurs (even during bloom), can tolerate mild frosts and freezes, repels an extensive list of pests, is not finicky about PH values and nutrient concentrations or salinity levels, ……and she is easy to clone.  Oh!! In case You’re leery of Pure Sativa genetics…. this strain is Not prone to hermaphroditism. Moon Venom genetics can be adjusted for longer or shorter bloom cycles indoors or outdoors. 

Why is this strain an “All Arounder” that works in a variety of conditions? The Moon Venom is an algal Symbiont. Science still struggles to comprehend this Mystical and Complex life form. We do know that the light from nearby moons or asteroid belts have a relational dynamic to the strains’ potency potentials, and to the Strains higher FX.

The Higher FX-Handle with care. Moon Venoms’ higher FX are a medium duration burst (3 days-1 week) of increased Mental Storage and Processing Power. The most powerful application of these FX is the “Group-Think”. These are Ceremonial benders wherein everybody clears their schedule, and they all commit to a few days of hyper learning, creative thinking, problem solving, riffing, and lighthearted intensity. The Moon Venoms Higher FX will read null if there are any bad vibes or lost intentions. In other words, Supercharging Your Soul good with Moon Venom is always a good thing. Harness the power of Moon Venom with habitual intention…the Catalyst.

Properties :

Origin : Old Earth

Aroma : Pepperycitrus, Earthypinemint, DankyRaki

Effects : Increases Mental Capacity, Faster Processing Power, Group Think

Sativa : 94%

Indica : 6%

Boosts :

CBD .5%

THC 24%


An Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer, & Dot Connector form a Galactic Alliance and Enter the NFT marketplace with Variant Strains from Old Earth and Galaxies to explore. Join us on this journey together and tune in for future announcements. We might be new on the scene but the scene will appreciate the Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer & Dot Connector. Stay tuned for a founders story.

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