Ghani Gold Vibes

Some of the first specimens of Ghani Gold appeared In New Megalopolis on the heels of “The Late Great Sativa Dispersal”. Seeds from deep within the war-torn Asteriodial Complex named “The Ghani Sands,” were brought to New Megalopolis by soldiers and cosmic drifters. The growth characteristics, morphology, and chemical profiles of these […]

Qwaziblue Vibes

Qwaziblue is a new combination of Genetics. Her snowy flowers are unfurled like strokes on a Van Gogh painting, and they reek of danky diesel. The caramel kind smell comes from the Qwazi component, the sweeter earthier scents rise from a complex mix of old and new commercial strains. A new […]

Cerebral Sativa Vibes

Cerebral Sativa is a Pure Sativa Strain. She is one of the Original 7 strains from Old Earth. Her Story begins Long ago, on the heels of an era that yielded great and terrible wars. Many of the disenfranchised youth had turned their attentions to the life-giving Practice of Cannabis Breeding. […]

Shuttle Bud Vibes

Smuggled in on an intergalactic cargo ship.  A Motley Squad of Outworld Guerrilla Growers were hired by Dark Arts Lawyer Types to work a large-scale outdoor grow operation hidden amongst the farm worlds of the Arc System.  Crew was paid in product, some of which had been lightly seeded. This massive crop […]


The Reactor strain has adapted to the coldest, most high latitude, most barren, and most dimly lit regions within the Multiverses. Off on its own for so long, this line of genetics has evoked unusual survival mechanisms(phazing). Always used by Indigenous inhabitants as medicine. There are records of early times botanists […]