Galactic Grams Releases today on the WAX Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace

Happy 420 Day to all who partake on this Vibe Farmin, Lampin, Chillin, Joyful celebration each year. We are excited to bring to the WAX Blockchain NFT Marketplace this SpaceWeed Digital NFT Collection with a SciFi twist. Collective energy brings this project to market today. The Galactic Crew has been working on this project for months on nights, weekends, and early mornings. No previous NFT experience before this release though much has been absorbed. The Discord community has been fantastic and helpful along with all of the staff from the WAX Blockchain & Atomic Hub Marketplace!! The Whitelisting process was amazing because of their expertise and communication. Much love to all who have helped along the way & follow us on our social media platforms.

Here is one of our Grams listen on the marketplace :

QwaziBlue Mint #420 on the Atomic Hub Marketplace

The first release will be 7 strains of Old Earth Origins. Corey Michael Scott(AKA Dr. Kullers) is the Canvas Artist on this collection. An accomplished artist and vital part of Galactic Grams family. Monica Cieri(AKA Monet) has transcended Corey’s canvas art to a digital life form as an NFT Space Weed Collectible! Monica brings this project to reality with creating NFT’s, promotional art, website design, & much more! Thad Cranston(AKA Professor Presher) is creating a galactic storytelling adventure & brings a vending machine of genetic cultivation knowledge. Scott Geiser (AKA Captain Stickee) assembled this crew of Vibe Farmers and helps steer the crew into WAX Blockchain NFT ecosystem.

Shared art, philosophy, and Cannabis Passions, along with Heartfelt Eco-Vibes are what drives this Group of Florida Space Coast Natives. The Galactic Gram Crew envisions a community of collectors inspired by creativity and positive energy to fuel adventures to galaxies unknown. Galactic Grams brings a unique quality to their collection with the combination of Canvas Art & Storytelling in the NFT Marketplace.

You can find the Galactic Grams NFTs on the Wax Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace @ My Inventory – AtomicHub. Head over to the WAX Website as well Wax has a killer setup with some of the best projects in the NFT Marketplace. Discord is the best and fastest way to reach out to the Galactic Grams crew and our growing community @

Galactic Grams is a collaboration of Vibe Farmer / Lampin Media LLC

Find out more about Corey Michael Scott @ Artist | CoreyMichaelScott