The Reactor strain has adapted to the coldest, most high latitude, most barren, and most dimly lit regions within the Multiverses. Off on its own for so long, this line of genetics has evoked unusual survival mechanisms(phazing). Always used by Indigenous inhabitants as medicine. There are records of early times botanists (DEJA) from Kiefan who took note of Reactor strain seedlings thriving in short summer rubble farms. Fast forward to modern times when the Original 7 Earth strains’ genetics had been reintroduced to each other through the multiverses. Growers are now selectively breeding traditional Cannabis lineages with the Reactor strain. 

The introduction of these new Cannabis Reacticus Hybrids to the Galactic gene pool has lifted the strain out of the novelty zone and has shuffled the evolutionary deck. (So, to speak).

Yes, there are innovative (commercially viable) grow techniques and “fixed” Reactor genetics which are functional and stable, however, there is also an ever-growing chaotic spew of errant breeding that continues to pollute regional gene pools. Good notes and careful labeling of females and pollen doners is necessary.

Speaking to the do-able Reactor applications… as with all Cannabis strains…the old saying still rings true…”It’s about engaging the right genetics, and the right grow technique…at the right time”. The consequences of non-mindful Reactor breeding may negatively and severely effect desired results. (Production values)

Reactor is not loud, her Stone values are down, and chill values are up. The higher FX of Reactor manifest as Healing by Touch. Because the admix of Reactor genes is still recent and not completely figured out…the “Heal by Touch” effects are variable and exist on a scale. We are all still learning. We are thankful for the preservation of this evolutionary offshoot. 


An Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer, & Dot Connector form a Galactic Alliance and Enter the NFT marketplace with Variant Strains from Old Earth and Galaxies to explore. Join us on this journey together and tune in for future announcements. We might be new on the scene but the scene will appreciate the Artist, Storyteller, Graphic Designer & Dot Connector. Stay tuned for a founders story.

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