Shuttle Bud Vibes

Smuggled in on an intergalactic cargo ship.  A Motley Squad of Outworld Guerrilla Growers were hired by Dark Arts Lawyer Types to work a large-scale outdoor grow operation hidden amongst the farm worlds of the Arc System.  Crew was paid in product, some of which had been lightly seeded. This massive crop was distributed across the Galaxy and some of it ended up in the capable hands of yet another crew of guerrilla growers dwelling within the Subtropical environs of The Tylezbale archipelago.  Successive generations of seedlings were selectively bred, fine-tuned, and stabilized by the Tylezbale Crew.  The name Shuttle bud was a hat-tip to the nearby FTL Launch facilities and its fleet of Deep Space Rocket ships.

Notes – The arrival of ShuttleBud marked the advent of the first confirmed M Class wormholes to be opened and safely contained, within the Greater Florianz Cluster. The Ghani Gold component of Shuttle Bud expressed its distinct characteristics about equally as compared with its other parent strain, the Super Cerebral Sativa. These new Ghani Gold flavors of Deep Hash Goodness puzzle pieced quite well with the Classic Floral components derived from the Old School Sativa genetics of the SCS. (Super Cerebral Sativa). This Style of 50/50 breeding is textbook “HYBRID MAGIC” (aka-Tech embellished Hybrid Vigor). This Line of Breeding is comparable to the Legendary S.A.G.E. strain of Old Earth.