Tutorial on setting up your Wallet to purchase NFTs on the WAX Blockchain

Galactic Grams NFTs will be on the Wax Blockchain Atomic Hub Marketplace for sale starting on April 20th 2022. If you do not currently have a WAX Cloud Wallet or some of the other wallets available to the public for purchasing collectibles within the WAX Blockchain then hopefully this post can help you through this process. I will share some links for some of the wallet setups along with some links for you to get this process behind done so you can get to the fun part of buying, selling, & trading NFTs!

WAX Cloud Wallet : Go to WAX NFT Blockchain | Worldwide Asset eXchange to get started

Here is a link to the best uTube Video I could find that will walk you through the WAX Cloud Wallet Setup : Let’s Get EverSmart: How to Open a NEW WAX Wallet – YouTube

Here is a link for setting up an Anchor Wallet. I have not personally used Anchor but many say it is a fantastic wallet to use for your NFT purchases. The Fastest AND Cheapest Anchor Wallet Tutorial Out There – monKeyTV Episode 17 – YouTube

If you see this and have a better link or tutorial we can use to share with the community please find us and let us know. Discord will be the best place to find us. Click HERE to join our Discord Channel

Galactic Grams Whitelisting Approval on The Atomic Hub Wax Blockchain!

We are pleased to Announce our whitelisting approval for the Galactic Grams SpaceWeed Collectibles. The team over at Atomic Hub and WAX have been fantastic and the perfect fit for this project. Their in depth review and professionalism in the whitelisting process was a breath of fresh air. Galactic Grams is in a safe & respected circle of projects on the WAX Ecosystem. Many thanks to the team at WAX and The Atomic Hub! Thank you to Monica, Corey, Thad, & Scott for the hard work and dedication to get us to where we are today. Stay tuned for more updates to come! You can find our Collectibles on the Atomic Hub

Galactic Grams Coming Soon to the WAX Blockchain

Galactic Grams has been working towards an official release of its 7 Original Old Earth Strains. This unique collection is much different than any NFT Cannabis related project we have seen to date. Each gram is individually created to be proudly displayed for all to see along with a story to tell of its origins and history. Galactic Gram NFT’s tell a story within a story of the history & relationships forged in our crews travels. Stay tuned as we are getting closer to being able to share our project across this galaxy and beyond. The Wax Blockchain is where you will be able to find our collectibles.